Top Instagram Hashtags in 2024

Picking the right hashtags for your Instagram posts can be tricky. You want to use tags that are relevant to your content, popular enough to get you seen, but not so overused that your post gets lost in the crowd. How do you find the perfect balance?

Here’s a breakdown of the top Instagram hashtags in 2024 Tech Demis Categorized by different goals:

Most Popular Hashtags:

  • #love (2.1B posts): A classic that never goes out of style. Use it for romantic photos, heartwarming moments, or anything that sparks joy.
  • #instagood (1.6B posts): A safe bet for any type of post. It shows you’re putting effort into your content and hoping for the best.
  • #instagram (1.1B posts): A great way to get your post seen by a wider audience, but be sure your content is actually Instagram-worthy!
  • #photooftheday (1B posts): Highlight your best photography skills with this hashtag.
  • #photography (1B posts): Similar to #photooftheday, but for any kind of photography, not just your daily snaps.

Hashtags for Engagement:

  • #comment (687M posts): Encourage people to leave a comment on your post.
  • #follow (687M posts): Let people know you’d love for them to follow you.
  • #likeforlikes (385M posts): A controversial one, but it can help you get some initial likes and engagement. Just don’t rely on it solely.
  • #question (310M posts): Ask a question in your caption to spark conversation.
  • #giveaway (183M posts): Run a giveaway to attract new followers and boost engagement.

Hashtags for Specific Niches:

  • #travel (685M posts): For stunning travel photos and wanderlust-inducing content.
  • #food (502M posts): Mouthwatering food pics and culinary creations.
  • #fashion (1.1B posts): Share your latest outfit or style inspiration.
  • #fitness (514M posts): Workout routines, healthy recipes, and motivational quotes.
  • #beauty (522M posts): Makeup tutorials, skincare tips, and all things glam.


  • Don’t just use the most popular hashtags. They’re competitive and your post might get lost in the shuffle.
  • Mix it up with a variety of hashtags, including some general, some niche, and some specific to your post.
  • Do your research. Use tools like or Later to find relevant hashtags for your niche.
  • Track your results. See which hashtags are getting you the most engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.