ICPA Health Products Ltd: A Leading Manufacturer of Oral Healthcare Products

ICPA Health Products Ltd. is one of the top producers in India for oral healthcare products. The company has an international presence in over 35 countries and offers a wide range of products for dental, skin and personal care. ICPA aims to develop innovative healthcare products that improve the quality of life by preventing and curing diseases.

History and Vision of ICPA

ICPA was founded in 1983 by Rohit Mehta, who is the founder and managing director of the company. He started the company with the motto to develop and deliver world-class products for the healthcare market. ICPA has grown from a small-scale enterprise to a large-scale organization with over 500 employees and a turnover of over Rs. 200 crores.

The vision of ICPA is to become a global leader in the oral healthcare segment by providing quality products and services to its customers and stakeholders. The company strives to achieve this vision by adhering to its core values of integrity, excellence, innovation, customer satisfaction and social responsibility.

Products and Services of ICPA

ICPA offers a wide range of products and services for dental, skin and personal care. The company has over 150 products in its portfolio, which are categorized into four segments:

  • Dental Products: These include toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, dental floss, denture adhesives, oral gels, varnishes, tablets, powders and kits. Some of the most trusted brands in prescription dental products, like Thermoseal and Hexidine, come under this segment. ICPA also provides dental education and training programs for dentists and dental students.
  • Derma Products: These include creams, lotions, liquids, ointments and tablets for skin care and treatment. Some of the popular brands in this segment are Calovera, Moyzen, Oleoboost, Royal Baby and Sundare. ICPA also conducts dermatology workshops and seminars for skin specialists and medical practitioners.
  • Herbal Products: These include products made from natural ingredients for various health conditions and wellness. Some of the well-known brands in this segment are Pilon, ICPAMOX-CV, Halyx and Heximetro. ICPA also organizes herbal awareness camps and exhibitions for the general public and health professionals.
  • Personal Care Products: These include products for hygiene and grooming, such as soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, perfumes, talcum powders and cosmetics. Some of the renowned brands in this segment are Fresh Breath, Clinsodent, Hexidine Fresh and Fluoritop.

Manufacturing and Research Facilities of ICPA

All the products of ICPA are manufactured at its state-of-the-art development facilities in Gujarat, which comply with the most stringent international manufacturing requirements. The facilities are equipped with modern machinery, quality control systems, packaging units and warehousing facilities. The facilities are also certified by WHO GMP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

ICPA has a strong Research and Development Centre, which is dedicated to creating new and improved products for the healthcare market. The R&D Centre has a team of qualified and experienced scientists, pharmacists, chemists, biologists and engineers, who work on various aspects of product development, such as formulation, testing, validation, stability, safety and efficacy. The R&D Centre also collaborates with various academic institutions and research organizations for conducting clinical trials and studies.

Market Presence and Future Plans of ICPA

ICPA has a strong market presence in India and abroad, with a network of over 3000 distributors and 50000 retailers. The company also exports its products to over 35 countries, such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Yemen, Myanmar, Middle East, African Nations, CIS Countries, Malaysia and Singapore. The company has also received several awards and recognitions for its excellence in quality, innovation and customer service.

ICPA plans to expand its market reach and product portfolio in the future, by entering new geographies and segments. The company also aims to invest more in its R&D activities and launch new products that cater to the emerging needs and preferences of the customers. The company also intends to increase its social and environmental initiatives, by supporting various causes and campaigns related to oral health, skin health, herbal health and personal hygiene.

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