Animal Movie: Ranbir Kapoor’s Upcoming Action Drama

Release Date and Language

Animal movie is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language action drama. Sandeep Reddy Vanga was the film’s director and editor. He also co-wrote the screenplay from his own story with Pranay Reddy Vanga and Saurabh Gupta. Producers Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Pranay Reddy Vanga, and Murad Khetani are affiliated with T-Series Films, Bhadrakali Pictures, and Cine1 Studios.

The movie is slated to open in theaters on December 1, 2023, in both conventional and IMAX formats. Moreover, the movie will be dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada languages

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Cast and Characters

The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna and Tripti Dimri in the lead roles

Ranbir Kapoor plays Ranvijay “Vijay” Singh, the son of Balbir Singh, a Delhi-based business magnate who heads the generational steel company “Swastik Steels”. 2023 Vijay has adored Balbir since childhood, but Balbir neglects him and behaves harshly with him due to his busy schedule

Anil Kapoor plays Balbir Singh, Vijay’s father and the owner of Swastik Steels. Balbir is a rich industrialist but has no time for his family. He sends Vijay away to a boarding school in United States when he brings an AK-47 to school and hurts a group of boys who bullied his sister Reet

Bobby Deol plays Abrar ul Haque, an estranged family member of Balbir who is the mastermind behind an assassination attempt on him. Abrar is a ruthless crime lord who wants to take over Swastik Steels and destroy Balbir’s legacy

Rashmika Mandanna plays Geetanjali “Geeta” Singh, Vijay’s wife and a former school classmate of his. Geeta breaks her engagement with another man and chooses Vijay, whom she has always loved. They get married in a private ceremony and shift to US

Tripti Dimri plays Zoya Riaz, Abrar’s wife and a former lover of Vijay

Zoya is a manipulative and seductive woman who tries to lure Vijay back into her life and betray Abrar

The film also features Charu Shankar as Jyoti B. Singh, Vijay’s mother and Balbir’s wife; Prithviraj as Asrar ul Haque, Abrar’s brother and a partner in crime; Shakti Kapoor as PK Mishra, the COO of Swastik Corp.; Prem Chopra as Dalbir Singh, Balbir’s father and Vijay’s grandfather; Suresh Oberoi as Rajdheer Dodamal Singh, Balbir’s grandfather and Vijay’s great-grandfather; Siddhant Karnick as Varun Pratap Malhotra, Geeta’s ex-fiancé; Saloni Batra as Reet Singh Malhotra, Vijay’s sister and Varun’s wife; Anshul Chauhan as Roop Singh, Vijay’s younger sister; Saurabh Sachdeva as Abid ul Haque, Abrar’s younger brother and a hacker; Upendra Limaye as Freddy, Abrar’s right-hand man; Vivek Sharma as Pali, Vijay’s childhood friend; Mathew Varghese as Shreepad, Vijay’s mentor and business partner; and Balaji Iyengar as Indira Krishnan, Geeta’s parents

Plot Synopsis

The film follows the story of Vijay, who learns about an assassination attempt on his father Balbir by Abrar and his brothers, where he sets out to extract revenge. Film explores the themes of family, love, loyalty, betrayal, violence and redemption

The film begins with Vijay returning to Delhi after eight years to celebrate Balbir’s 60th birthday. He reunites with his family and meets Geeta, who has broken her engagement with Varun and wants to be with him. They both get married in a private ceremony and shift to US

After eight years

Balbir is attacked by unknown assailants but survives. Vijay returns with Geeta and his kids to be with his family and starts a war with the people who tried to assassinate Balbir. He discovers that Abrar, an estranged family member, is the mastermind behind everything. Abrar is a crime lord who wants to take over Swastik Steels and destroy Balbir’s legacy. He also has a personal grudge against Vijay, who had an affair with his wife Zoya in the past

Vijay confronts Abrar and his brothers, Asrar and Abid, in a series of violent encounters. He also faces Zoya, who tries to seduce him and betray Abrar. Vijay manages to kill Asrar and Abid, but gets severely injured by Abrar. She is taken to the hospital, where he is declared dead

However, Vijay miraculously survives and returns to finish his revenge. He tracks down Abrar and Zoya, who are planning to flee the country. She kills Zoya and engages in a final showdown with Abrar. He defeats Abrar and shoots him in the head, avenging his father and family

The film ends with Vijay reconciling with Balbir, who apologizes for his past mistakes and expresses his love for him. Vijay hugs Balbir and says that he is his superhero. They both smile and embrace each other, as the film fades to black

Music and Soundtrack

The music of the film is composed by JAM8, Vishal Mishra, Jaani, Manan Bhardwaj, Shreyas Puranik, Ashim Kemson and Harshwardhan Rameshwar, while the lyrics are written by Irshad Kamil, Jaani, Manoj Muntashir, Shabbir Ahmed and Rashmi Virag. Background score is composed by Harshwardhan Rameshwar

The film features six songs, which are as follows:

  • Animal: The title track of the film, sung by Vishal Dadlani and Shalmali Kholgade, composed by JAM8 and written by Irshad Kamil. The song is a high-octane rock anthem that introduces the character of Vijay and his animalistic nature. The song is played during the opening credits of the film
  • Tera Hoon Main: A romantic duet sung by Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal, composed by Vishal Mishra and written by Manoj Muntashir. The song depicts the love story of Vijay and Geeta, and how they elope and get married. The song is played during the flashback sequence of their wedding
  • Pehla Pyaar: A soulful ballad sung by Jubin Nautiyal, composed by Jaani and written by himself. The song expresses the feelings of Vijay for Geeta, and how she is his first and only love. The song is played during the present-day sequence of Vijay and Geeta’s reunion
  • Zindagi: A motivational song sung by Armaan Malik, composed by Manan Bhardwaj and written by Shabbir Ahmed. The song inspires Vijay to fight for his life and his family, and to overcome the challenges he faces. The song is played during the hospital sequence of Vijay’s recovery
  • Dushman: A rap song sung by Raftaar and Emiway Bantai, composed by Shreyas Puranik and written by Rashmi Virag. The song showcases the rivalry and hatred between Vijay and Abrar, and how they are enemies for life. The song is played during the action sequence of Vijay and Abrar’s confrontation
  • Superhero: A sentimental song sung by KK, composed by Ashim Kemson and written by Irshad Kamil. The song portrays the bond between Vijay and Balbir, and how Vijay idolizes his father as his superhero. The song is played during the climax sequence of Vijay and Balbir’s reconciliation

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Reception and Box Office

Animal received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the performances of the cast, especially Ranbir Kapoor and Anil Kapoor, the action sequences, the music and the cinematography, but criticized the length, the screenplay, the editing and the violence of the film

The film was a commercial success, earning around ₹480.96 crore (US$60 million) worldwide, against a budget of ₹100 crore (US$13 million). Animal has emerged as the sixth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023, the fourth highest-grossing Hindi film of 2023, the 20th highest-grossing Indian film and the highest-grossing A (adults only) rated Indian film of all time

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